We've created two computer screensavers to help you keep health & wellness
"in front" of your employees! The Wellness screensavers are general in nature.
All of our clients can enjoy these. The Fully Insured screensavers are for our
clients on fully insured plans. These include programs that are found in these
plans, all geared for your members and their health.

To view/install these screensavers, follow these simple instructions:
* click the link, then select the file (ignore any warnings - select "keep" from
the down arrow, then click on the file)
* you will see a box appear; select "preview" to see the screensavers (there are
several that rotate)
* if you wish to install them, select "install"
You can also save/send this file to your employees, with the instructions above,
so they can install themselves.


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