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We are offering member-focused, health & wellness webinars, free to all of your employees! These webinars are led by licensed physicians and other health professionals. 

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Health Literacy: How to Communicate With Doctors and Manage Your Care

Presenter: Michael Eleff, MD, Regional Vice President and Medical Director

Find out how to better manage your health and healthcare plan. .Healthcare is complicated and the healthcare system can be confusing. Many people have trouble understanding information leading to more anxiety about their health and healthcare decisions. Limited health literacy can harm your health - you may have difficulty handling an illness or taking your medicines properly. You’re likely to have more hospital admissions, spend more on healthcare, and have poorer health over time. Limited health literacy can also lessen your chances of getting vital tests or helping a loved one get appropriate care. We’ll discuss how to be an informed consumer in regards to your employer’s health benefits.


LiveHealth Online: Video Doctor Visits Make It Easy to Get the Care You Need

Presenter: Sharon S. Boose, Sales Director, LiveHealth Online Anthem, Inc.

Using LiveHealth Online, you can have a live video visit with a board-certified doctor 24/7 on your smartphone, tablet or computer with a webcam. Doctors can provide medical advice, assess your condition and send prescriptions to the pharmacy you select if needed.* Learn more about this option when your doctor isn't available and how it’s more convenient than a trip to urgent care.

Alison Szczawinski, RD, CDN, LDN.
Registered Dietitian